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You're clutching at straws when trying to find a weakness to Yann M'Vila. It's not until you really look at his attributes that you realise just how good this kid is, and can be. ... Read More

Date Added: 01-08-2011
Author: Nick
Value: £5,000,000

Excellent physically and mentally, Alexandre Coeff has everything you need to be a top Box-2-Box midfielder. If you can improve his technical attributes then you will have some player on your hands. ... Read More

Date Added: 31-07-2011
Author: Nick
Value: £425,000

Brazil (or Brazilian players) will need to be added for him to appear in the database. I have included two screenshots. One from the start of the game and one from a few years into the game. Shakhtar paid a lot of money for him in my game, and he's still only 21 and can improve further. Read More

Date Added: 27-04-2011
Author: Nick
Value: £3,300,000

Want Javier Pastore and can't afford him? Here's your man! He's a great player to play as an AMC or MC with an attacking duty and a fair bit of creative freedom, he can pass, dribble, hit a nice long shot and is a fairly good set piece taker. His decent teamwork, bravery and work rate means he also... Read More

Date Added: 24-04-2011
Author: Dvc
Value: £5,500,000

Arouca is the perfect box-2-box midfielder. Good tackling, passing, marking, creativity, decisions and anticipation. ... Read More

Date Added: 21-04-2011
Author: Nick
Value: £4,000,000

This promising winger has no real weaknesses for his position, but also doesn’t excel in any area. He can be employed as a winger, or an inside forward meaning that giving him freedom will most certainly prove a wise choice as he can really take advantage of the space in the far end of the pitch. He... Read More

Date Added: 16-04-2011
Author: Maestro Ugo
Value: £1,500,000

This guy a definite all-rounder as can be evidenced from both his attributes and positions he can play. He can be employed as a defensive midfilder, attacking midfielder or even winger, but he excels in a deep-lying playmaker role. He is great at dictating play and connecting the middle with the... Read More

Date Added: 12-04-2011
Author: Maestro Ugo
Value: £2,300,000

The next big thing to come out of Ajax AND the next Laudrup?! That's some combination. He has everything you need in a AM, although i did touch upon his shooting abilty he does still chip in with his share of goals. Great player with a bright future. Read More

Date Added: 11-04-2011
Author: TomDeBomb
Value: £3,000,000

An unknown to most that haven't landed on African shores yet, Kouakou is a very good player for most lower league sides. Being Ivorian, he'll require a work permit. Having not made any appearances for the Ivory Coast, gaining one will be hard for teams that play in a eague where work permits are a... Read More

Date Added: 10-04-2011
Author: Nick
Value: £55,000

A central figure of my Peru side that won the Copa America on FM10, Rinaldo is just as good on FM11. He lacks a bit mentally, but they should improve with time. You may have to have Peru loaded to have him appear in the database, though. Read More

Date Added: 06-04-2011
Author: Nick
Value: £825,000
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